Micro-plate Centrifuge

2-4 micro porous plate centrifuge is our company specializes in 96-hole design of the instantaneous centrifuge to facilitate the liquid separation from the wall. Most micro plate centrifuges on the market are bulky and occupy a large space of labora- tories, this micro plate centrifuge is unique designed and small, only 23x20cm. The micro plate is vertically loaded into the rotor from the top slot of the centrifuge, and the liquid is kept at the bottom of the micro plate due to the surface tension. Therefore, it will not leak at all.  

Products Details

◎ Rapid centrifuge hanging wall drop; ◎ Used for PCR experiment effectively; ◎ Multiple accessories included PCR micro plates. ◎ Less than 1/4 volume of standard micro plate centrifuges in the market.
Model 2x 96 places PCR plate
Max RPM 2500rpm
Max RCF 600×g
Voltage AC120V/AC220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight 190 x 220 x 186 (mm)
Net Weight 2.1kg

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