Laboratory Purification Workbench Series

With the rapid development of science and technology, air cleaning technology has been widely used in technology and production fields such as space, navigation, pharmacy, microorganisms, genetic engineering, and food industry. The SW-CJ purification workbench is a kind of purification equipment that provides a local clean environment. Its use has good effects on improving process conditions, improving product quality and finished product qualification rate.

Products Details

The SW-CJ purification workbench is a vertical and horizontal laminar flow type local air purification equipment. The indoor air is pre-filtered by the pre-filter, pressed into the static pressure box by a small centrifugal fan, and then filtered by the air high efficiency filter. The original air in the zone takes away dust particles and microorganisms to form a sterile and high-clean working environment.

 · This equipment is made of high-quality bending, assembling and welding, and the working table is made of high-quality stainless steel in one-step bending. The air supply body is equipped with a new type of non-woven fabric pre-filter, an air high-efficiency filter made of ultra-fine glass fiber filter material, a small low-noise variable-speed centrifugal fan and other electrical components. The equipment has the characteristics of simple structure and beautiful appearance.

 ·This equipment adopts a fan system with variable wind speed. By adjusting the input voltage of the centrifugal fan, its working condition is changed, so that the average wind speed on the air outlet surface is always kept within the ideal range, effectively extending the main component of the equipment-high efficiency filtration The service life of the device reduces the operating cost of the equipment. The equipment is also equipped with an ultraviolet sterilization device to completely kill the residual microorganisms attached to the walls and corners of the working chamber.

Item technical parameter
  1   Product number Single horizontal air supply SPTC-DM-1S Single vertical air supply SPTC-DM-1T Single person double-sided vertical air supply SPTC-SM-1S Double single-sided horizontal air supply SPTC-DM-SR Double single-sided vertical air supply SPTC-DM-SR1 Double double-sided vertical air supply SPTC-DM-SR2
2 Cleanliness level ISO Level 5, Level 100 (US Federal 209E)
3 Concentration of sedimentation bacteria ≤0.5cfu/ 皿·0.5h
4 average wind speed ≥0.3m/s(adjustable)
5 Noise ≤62dB(A)
6 Vibration half peak ≤3μm(x,y,z dimension)
7 Illuminance ≥300Lx
8 Power AC  220V 50Hz
9 Power Supply 250W 250W 250W 380W 380W 380W
10 High efficiency filter Specification and quantity 820×600×50×①


11           Operation area mm 870×480×610 820×610×500 820×610×500


1240×620×500 1240×620×500
12               Dimensions mm 890×840×1460 960×680×1620 960×680×1620


1380×690×1620 1380×690×1620
Remark : The performance parameter test under no-load conditions is: ambient temperature 20℃, ambient humidity 50%RH.

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